Friday, February 26, 2010

I got $500 from Lockerz!

So yesterday was the "Member Appreciation" redemption day on Lockerz.  You could buy a chance to redeem a prize that day.  I believe it was 100 PTZ for one chance, 250 for 2 chances and 350 for 3 chances.

Each chance was a different wave at a different time during the day.  I decided to buy all 3 chances for 350 PTZ.  Well, I ended up not getting anything yesterday in any of the 3 waves.  I felt like I wasted my PTZ.

Today they announced that they refunded everbody 100 PTZ for the 3rd wave because there were a lot of cheat bots which made it impossible for a lot of people to log in.  I felt a little bit better for getting some PTZ back.

Today was also the general redemption.  The exact time was a surprise, but it ended up being around 4:30 CST.  I had been sitting in front of the computer all afternoon, and right before that I went to go get something to eat.  When I came back, I refreshed Lockerz and it was redemption!

I had wanted to get either the Macbook Pro or Air, but those were out of stock already, so I went for the $500 for 2500 PTZ, and what do you know, it went through! If I had taken maybe 10 seconds longer away from the computer, I would have missed it.  So now I just have to wait until I get a confirmation email from Lockerz.

If you have not yet joined Lockerz, click here to become a member!